Press Release: Enhancing the Health Care Environment Through Accessible Art

Press Release: Enhancing the Health Care Environment Through Accessible Art
June 18, 2015
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Enhancing the Health Care Environment Through Accessible Art

Visitors at a new event at the Royal College of Physicians in London are to be asked to examine the role of art in improving the health care environment. Yorkshire-based artist Dan Savage is hosting an exhibition at the European Healthcare Design 2015 on 22 and 23 June and he will be presenting his findings from research into academic papers in this field, alongside providing his own recommendations on how art can reduce anxiety, stress and even pain.

As healthcare systems and services are put under continued pressure from patient expectations, budget restraints and an increasing number of factors, environments within which the services are delivered also need to change and improve.  Dan Savage’s exhibition brings together recent research and opens the debate for how art can be created which is accessible and appropriate for patients with wide ranging health, behavioural and emotional needs.

Dan commented,

“I believe that blank walls in hospitals foster negative thoughts.  Often the only adornments are confusing signs and posters about diseases. When I was 20, I was treated in hospital for testicular cancer and I remember my own feelings ranged from fear and uncertainty to boredom and gloominess, alongside the obvious physical manifestations of my condition”.

He added,

“Creating art specifically for health care environments is an exciting area for development, combining the creative and imaginative skills of the artist with the academic research studies to create accessible art that can play a big role in the treatment pathway”.

Dan’s projects include glass panels, signage, seating and wall-based artwork and these have been successfully delivered to a number of clients ranging from a dementia care centre, to adolescent inpatient wards in a new super hospital.

Following the launch of Dan Savage’s exhibition at European Healthcare Design 2015 there will be further information available giving details of his recommendations.  Practitioners, clinicians, patients and carers are invited to visit and share their views on the types of artwork which they feel could help them to become calm and positive in a health care environment.

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